New! Personalize your pages with 210 custom icons + matching covers for Notion


What are Notion covers?

Notion covers are decorative images that allow you to personalize your Notion workspace. Covers appear at the top of any page and can be photos, artwork, solid colors, gradients or any other aesthetic that you desire.

What is the ideal size for Notion covers?

Covers resize dynamically depending on the size of your device or browser window. This means there's no one "ideal size". However, Notion recommends rectangular images that are at least 1,500 pixels wide. Important design elements should be in the center of the frame as the edges may be cut off at different screen sizes.

How can I create my own Notion covers?

We recommend using Canva or Figma to create Notion covers. Both are free tools that allow you to design custom images in your browser.

Why should I use custom Notion covers?

Customizing your Notion workspace allows you to create memorable, readable content. Notion covers enable you to set up a consistent aesthetic across your pages or to implement branding for your company or clients.